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20th September 2011

One of the things that happened during the recent riots in London was a warehouse was burned down containing the stock of most of the indie labels in the country, including our boys Xtra Mile. They lost everything in the fire, but being positive types they're not bowed, oh no. They've launched their Fuck The Fire campaign - a project set up with PledgeMusic to give them a chance to replenish stock that was destroyed. If you want to find out more and get involved, then please go here:


They're not asking for charity, just for music lovers to love music. Which doesn't seem like too much of a stretch.

18th July 2011

Hello. I know we don't update here very much, we're more about the twitter and the facebook. But I should mention that if you check out the gigs page, we're playing this Friday 22nd July at Truck Festival, and then The Wheatsheaf in Oxford on August 19th. Hurrah!

31st March 2011

We had a really good tour with Chris T-T and Ben, Jonny and Jen, collectively known as The Hoodrats. Thanks guys! Now we have the re-scheduled Oxford date on April 23rd at 02 Academy, Cowley Road to look forward to, check out the gigs page for details if you would care to join us, since Chris can't make it special guests are now the excellent The Winchell Riots.

20th March 2011

BOLLOCKS. Jamie is ill and too weak to do tonight's show at the Vic in Swindon. Sorry anyone who was planning to show up, we'll try and organise a rescheduled show and announce as soon as we can. Follow @christt on twitter to find out if he and his Hoodrats are still going to be there.

We may try and reschedule it for around the new date in Oxford on 23rd April, but it depends on many factors. Balls. Arse. Tits.

17th March 2011

THIS IS THE NEWS - the Oxford Jericho Tavern date has been postponed so please don't show up tonight. We should have a date for the rescheduled show soon. Sorry. We're more bummed than you are.

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